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Moving Tips

Booking Your Move:

Curious about when to book your movers? At King's Royal Movers, we recommend securing your moving date as soon as you know you're relocating. Movers' schedules tend to fill up quickly, especially towards the end of the month. Booking early not only guarantees your spot but also allows you to start preparing for the big day sooner.

Supplying Your Move:

For every move with King's Royal Movers, we provide complimentary shrink-wrap and pads. To ensure the safety of your belongings, we request that customers pack their items securely into labeled moving boxes. Take note:

  • Label boxes with breakable items as "FRAGILE."

  • For electronics, including televisions and computers, we require original packaging or specific boxes available for purchase at local stores like Lowes, Home Depot, or Office Depot.

Items We Do Not Move:

While we handle a variety of items with care, there are a few things we don't transport:

  • Pianos

  • Large safes/gun safes

  • Pool tables

  • Tanning beds

  • Saunas

For these items, we have preferred vendors we recommend. Mention that you're a King's Royal Movers customer, and some vendors might even offer special incentives.

Your Smooth Move Awaits:

At King's Royal Movers, our goal is to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. By booking early, preparing your items appropriately, and being aware of what we don't move, you set the stage for a stress-free relocation. Reach out to us, and let's get your move on the royal track!


Contact us now to secure your moving date and enjoy a hassle-free moving experience with King's Royal Movers.



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